Product preparation area

"New Constructions" plant uses technologies allowing for simplifying the assembly process on the site. Everything that can be prepared and assembled in the plant is accomplished here, in the preparation area. Our goal is to prepare structure components as close to completion as practicable in order to ensure convenient, fast and high-quality assembly on the site. Certainly, welding and assembling carried out in the plant is of much higher quality than those performed "in the field".

The preparation area comprises modern imported equipment. Moreover, use has been made of our extensive know-how developed by the design engineering bureau. Our specialists are certain to ensure strict compliance with technological processes and inspect quality of manufactured products. All technological processes are developed in a manner enabling optimization of time and resources consumption which, in turn, allows for reduction of production costs.

Assembly stand is an innovative structure specially developed for assembling mast components. The stand platform is able to bear a heavy load due to which quite massive components may be placed thereon. The stand is equipped with special restraints using which both large and the smallest components may be fixed in a specified position (at a required angle and precisely in accordance with the size).

Due to precise fixation of all components, welding seams are accurate, straight and the entire welded structure is shaped exactly as it was designed - i.e. without inaccuracies in size and axis deviations. Masts assembled on the stand are easily distinguished from all other masts at first view - this is how outstanding they are in terms of production quality.