Designing and manufacturing of antenna mast structures for telecommunication equipment


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"New Constructions" LTD is a member of group of companies "Radio Relay Communication" involved in designing, implementing and maintaining telecommunication systems. Primary business line of "New Constructions" LTD is mainly aimed at manufacturing metal structures of different complexity for telecommunication equipment.

Since 2004, all metal structures used by the group of companies "Radio Relay Communication" have been manufactured by "New Constructions" LTD.

However, "New Constructions" company is an industrial enterprise manufacturing a wide variety of items. This means that "New Constructions" plant manufactures not only products of its own design (masts, towers and other metalware for telecommunication equipment) but also executes orders of its customers and partners in accordance with individual technical design specifications.

The company has all required facilities for executing orders of different complexity: state-of-the-art technologies, certified equipment, own-developed know-how helping to improve manufacturing process, highly skilled specialists and its own project design bureau which develops and implements into practice any (including non-standard) structures. The "New Constructions" company continuously improves its work, implements new technological processes in its production procedures and expands a range of services offered.

"New Constructions" pays great attention to personnel issues and workers labor conditions. Production area with modern equipment, spacious locker rooms and comfortable cafeteria - all this contributes at productive work.

Technological process in the plant is being constantly improved, new technologies implemented. For this reason, HR Department employees hire only highly skilled professionals and take care of maintaining their skills at the required level. If necessary, stuff training on new technological processes is conducted, seminars and proficiency courses are organized.

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