Reconstruction of spaces

The impossible may come true!

One of additional services offered by "New Constructions" is "reconstruction of spaces". This service is in high demand for large spaces with high ceilings. Competent reconstruction carried out by means of erecting metal structures allows increasing the number of floors and thereby expand useful floor space of the premise.

Metal structures make it possible to form a fully-featured second floor or even several floors.

All sections are made in a form of finished assembly mounting components on bolted joints, allowing for easy transportation, fast assembly and, if necessary, easy dismantling.

"Global Marketing", bld. 3a, 5, Nizhniiy Susal'niiy lane, factory "Arma"
Gallery: BEFORE and AFTER

"Red Box Co", bld. 9, 20, Berezhkovskaya nab.
Gallery: BEFORE and AFTER

You dream of a nice-looking, spacious and modern office but cannot find a suitable space at affordable price? For sure, your dreams may come true if you are not afraid of difficulties and want to pay attention to the existing opportunities.

By means of metal structures, you may reconstruct almost any space and use as much effective area as possible. A good designer will give you advice how to use the potential of your space to the maximum extent. In this case, expensive renovation is not required. For instance, old-time brickwork shaped by modern metal structures looks incredibly stylish. In this manner, an old factory shop may be turned into a modern and stylish office at a minimum cost.

If you are inspired by this idea, "New Constructions" will readily assist you as one of your contractors and, if necessary, suggest other specialists required for realizing your dream project.