In this section we want to attract your attention to the relatively new but very popular service - erection of mezzanines. Mezzanines are most practical when you want to increase the area of premises and use them with the maximum efficiency. This is done by adding stories: mezzanines create additional stories (floors). Specialists of "New Constructions" company can erect, design and manufacture mezzanines by your order, i.e. to perform the overall works on production and installment of mezzanines.

The term "mezzanine platform" is also in use, as the prefabricated metal structure, which is a mezzanine, is composed of one or several platforms (floors). These platforms, in their turn, are located on independent supporting columns inside the building. Practically, mezzanine may be installed in any premises with:

  • Flooring or basement capable to carry the required load (concrete floor is perfect for the application);
  • Height of premises sufficient to install several floor systems.

A mezzanine may be also located at any free area (at the plant territory, for instance) in case your have such a need.

But the most frequently used place to install mezzanines is storage facilities. Warehouse mezzanine is the best way for you to save money when you need to expand the area and storage capacity. Nevertheless, mezzanines are efficient for use in industrial facilities or even in public buildings. With mezzanines it is possible to create stories of different height as you wish and these structures are often used to install additional offices and shops. It should be mentioned, that besides the increased functionality mezzanines add style and state-of-art to the buildings.

Mezzanine is ideal for your needs in case:

  • You want to increase the number of floor levels and total area of premises with no changes made in the design of the building;
  • You need to reach the highest efficiency in storage of goods, and to leave enough space for access ways and roads to the goods and technological equipment;
  • You need to locate office, administrative and production facilities in places not used traditionally for the purpose. For example, it is convenient for you to organize the office within the warehouse premises.

In terms of mezzanine making the process may be subdivided into the following stages:

  • Receipt of requirements specification, making calculations, designing of mezzanine structure in accordance with your requirements and premises space.
  • Stage of manufacturing. When design and documentation are approved by the customer, the required structure parts are manufactured. The structures are manufactured and then powder painted at the "New Constructions" plant. "New Constructions" company has all required resources available for qualified production of metal structures.
  • Delivery and assembly, installment of a mezzanine. Commissioning of the facility by the customer.

One of the latest and interesting mezzanine projects fulfilled by "New Constructions" company is the "Self Storage" project made for "Red Box Co" company.

"New Constructions" company acted as the main contractor of "Red Box Co" company in implementation of the "Self Storage" project. The following task has been set before "New Constructions" company: to develop engineering solution of load-bearing mezzanines and storage boxes, manufacture and install all metal structures.

Boxes for private storage are the compact installment of metal boxes of various space located on allowed number of levels in big facility with high ceilings. Each box has easy access, lifters and ladders are available too. Each box is equipped with coded lock and computerized access control. The boxes may be easily installed and dismantled. The functional application of boxes for private storage is to store different (as required) number of things by individuals.

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